Thursday, February 2, 2012

[Black Bean Mexican Salsa]

We were up at Keats with Ron and Lisa, the first time I had this.  Lisa showed me how quick and easy it was ... and now, it's my "dish" that I bring to every casual pot-luck.

Black Bean Mexican Salsa

1 tin black beans, rinsed 
1 tin sweet corn, rinsed
2 diced avocados
2 diced tomatoes
ranch dressing
taco seasoning


Mix beans, corn, avocados and tomatoes in a bowl. Add ranch dressing, a little at a time, until coated with desired amount. Sprinkle taco seasoning (I like to add a fair bit, about 1.5 tbsp) and toss. Place in fridge, covered, and let set for about 30 minutes. 

Serve with multi-grain tortilla chips.

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