Thursday, December 19, 2013

[White Spot Cheesecake.]

If you're from Vancouver, BC - you know all about White Spot.  Legendary Burgers with Triple O sauce ... zoo sticks and Pirate Packs.  But back in the day, they had the BEST cheesecake.  Light, fluffy, unbaked yumminess ... and there are TWO secrets to this amazing recipe.  One - the pastry base.  And two, the raspberry jam layer.  Mmmmm.

My mom used to make it for company, and I have meant to post it here.  Thank you, Auntie Ruth, for letting me scour through your recipes the other day and be reminded of this gem!!  It will be on our Christmas Dinner meal plan this year.

White Spot Cheesecake

Layer 1:

Tenderflake frozen pie crust *OR homemade pie crust*
4tbsp raspberry jam


1. place Tenderflake pastry crust in a 9" springform pan, allowing a little to go up the sides.
2. bake as per the instructions.
3. cool, and spread with raspberry jam when cooled

Layer 2 :

16oz (500ml) soft cream cheese
1 cup white sugar
3 large eggs
2tbsp (1oz) lemon juice


1.  combine and boil on top of double boiler until thick.  Stir constantly.
2.  cool and pour into shell.

Layer 3:

1tsp gelatine
1pint whipping cream
1/4cup chopped walnuts


1. add gelatine to whipping cream.
2. whip until stiff.
3. pour over cream cheese mixture.
4. sprinkle with chopped walnuts as a garnish.

Serve with strawberries or other fruit.


  1. Yummy I have wanted this recipe for years! Thanks!

  2. "Triple O Sauce" is a misnomer. "Triple O" at White Spot means "extra", and can refer to anything. The "sauce" you're referring to is White Spot mayonnaise, which is made at the White Spot commissary.

  3. The cream cheese layer did not thicken in the double boiler. I used 33% cream cheese...Island Farms soft cream cheese in the tub. What happened? Cream cheese did not incorporate properly with the dish and eggs. Any suggestions? Thanks!